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Enjoy our healthier cocktail mixers with all of the flavor, all of the fun, and no artificial junk!

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Natural. Convenient. Delicious.

Even with just a fraction of the calories & sugar of a typical cocktail mix, we refuse to compromise flavor! (Not going to lie, our flavors taste even better!) Going somewhere? No problem! With our conviently sized packets, you can now enjoy happy hour, anywhere!

Variety Pack

Can't decide? Is indecisive your middle name? Don't worry, we got you! Enjoy all of our delicious flavors in one bundle!

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Blood Orange Mai Tai

Blood orange, pineapple, and coconut? Now that's what we call Hawaiian Stylin' ~ Mahalo!

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Mango Margarita

Juicy mango, and citrusy lime? Put on your dancing shoes, 'cus it's time to tango, Mr. Mango!

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Strawberry Mule

Lush strawberry mixed with ginger, and lime? This cocktail tastes like a mule-llion bucks!

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Passionfruit Paloma

Sweet passionfruit and tart grapefruit? Pal-Oh-M-G this flavor is amazing!

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