Three Juices to Sweeten Up Your Mojito!

Three fruit juices that'll sweeten up your classic Craftmix Mojito. Must try!

What's Inside Craftmix?

  Ever wondered what's inside that small packet? What makes Craftmix taste so dang good!? We thought we would share,...

Making the Most of Your Easter in Quarantine!

Does being in quarantine mean the Easter Bunny won't be coming this year? Nonsense! Turn your dog into the Easter B...

Tips to Maximize Your At-Home Bar Experience!

Stuck at home and want to take full advantage of making cocktails at home? Check out this list of the best ways to do...

Best Ways To Take Advantage of 'Social Distancing'

So you're stuck working from home...check out this list of the BEST ways to take advantage of being at home!

7 Tips To Surviving Your St. Patrick’s Day Bender

We all know the fun of St. Patrick's Day, but here are our 7 Tips to Surviving Your St. Patricks Day Bender! The firs...

3 Best Valentine's Day Dates in Los Angeles

Happy Valentine's Day!  Ever look at the calendar and realize...Valentine's Day is Tomorrow!! Here's a list of our th...

3 Best Mixed Drinks on a Budget

You're out at a bar on a Friday you spend $13 on that drink? Check out this list we've made of the best th...

Dry January: Health Benefits and What to Drink!

What is 'Dry January?'  Dry January is a public health campaign that urges people to put down their Craftmix (or...

3 BEST Ways to Kick Off a New Decade

Happy New Year! Check out this short list of the best ways to start your decade off on the right note!

How to Take Insta-Worthy Photos of Your Craftmix Cocktail

Okay so... you've probably worked really hard to set up your cocktail and make it look picture-perfect, but why ruin ...

Complete the Drink - Dress it up!

In our ever so visual world, it is of the utmost importance that your cocktails look just as delicious as they taste...
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