5PM Happy Hour Kit

Each Happy Hour Kit includes:
-1x Craftmix Blood Orange Mai Tai Packet
-1x Craftmix Mint Mojito Packet 
-1x Craftmix Mango Margarita Packet 
-1x Craftmix Passionfruit Paloma Packet
-1x Craftmix Strawberry Mule Packet 
-1x Craftmix stainless steel shot glass
-1x Craftmix stainless steel straw
-2x cans of bubbly water
-3x custom Craftmix cups
-3x custom Craftmix coasters
5PM Happy Hour Kit
I t s A s E a s y A s . . .
W h a t s I n C r a f t m i x ?

We thought you'd never ask! We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients for the best customers (you!) Our products are crafted with real fruit juice powders! In addition to what's listed below, our products are also low sugar, dairy free, fat free, soy free, and cholesterol free, so that you can enjoy conscious free!



Why should I get a 5PM Happy Hour Kit?
If you're not sure what mix you like the most, this is the best purchase for you. Not only will you get one packet of every Craftmix powdered mix to taste test, but you'll also get cute drinking accessories like stainless steel straws, coasters, and cups.
Craftmix product pouring
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