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Variety Pack
I t s A s E a s y A s . . .
W h a t s I n C r a f t m i x ?

We thought you'd never ask! We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients for the best customers (you!) Our products are crafted with real fruit juice powders! In addition to what's listed below, our products are also low sugar, dairy free, fat free, soy free, and cholesterol free, so that you can enjoy conscious free!



What products come in Craftmix's Variety Pack?
Craftmix's Variety Pack has a total of 12 powdered mixes. These include:

• 3 Strawberry Mules
• 3 Passionfruit Palomas
• 3 Blood Orange Mai Tais
• 3 Mango Margaritas
Why should I get Craftmix's Variety Pack?
If you're throwing a dinner party with some friends, you can buy our Variety Pack to offer a range of different drinks.
Craftmix product pouring
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