Margarita Variety

Just Add Tequila, Water & Ice.
Includes: 12x Mango Margarita | 12x Classic Margarita | 12x Skinny Margarita
Includes: 8x Mango Margarita | 8x Classic Margarita | 8x Skinny Margarita
Includes: 4x Mango Margarita | 4x Classic Margarita | 4x Skinny Margarita
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Margarita Variety
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We thought you'd never ask! We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients for the best customers (you!) Our products are crafted with real fruit juice powders! In addition to what's listed below, our products are also low sugar, dairy free, fat free, soy free, and cholesterol free, so that you can enjoy conscious free!



Are Margaritas gluten free?
Not all Margarita mix is gluten free, but Craftmix is made with all-natural ingredients and does NOT contain any gluten across all 3 Margarita flavors.
Does Margarita mix go bad?
Most bottled Margarita mixers do have a short shelf life and can go bad in your fridge after they've been opened. However, Craftmix real fruit powders come in single-serving packets with a shelf-life of 2 years, so you can enjoy them whenever you have a craving or party.
How many carbs are in a Margarita?
Craftmix may have invented the first-ever Margarita mixer with 0-net carbs, but unless you're making a Skinny Marg mocktail with flavorless sparkling water that won't hold up when crafting a Classic Margarita. After the mixer, tequila, and potential add-ons, you're looking at 7-20 grams of carbs per serving. It's primarily from sugars and ingredients like triple-sec.
How many calories are in Margaritas?
A traditional Margarita has 200-300 calories per 6-ounce serving. Variations with added sugars or juices may have more. There are low-calorie options like Craftmix that would make a better-for-you version at 25 cals per serving plus the 95-125 calories that a shot of tequila represents.
How much sugar is in a Margarita?
Ah, the sweet side of Margaritas! A classic one has about 6-10 grams of sugar per serving, mostly from triple sec and added syrups. Just enough to keep things fun without going overboard on sweetness!
What's in a Margarita mix?
All-natural or that bottled stuff? Hahaha, we only ask because Craftmix has all-natural ingredients you can pronounce like real fruits. As for a typical Margarita mix, they contain lime juice, sweetener (like simple syrup or agave nectar... or worse), and sometimes triple sec or orange liqueur for extra flavor. Some mixes may also include other citrus juices or flavorings for variety.
Do Margaritas have alcohol?
Most are made with alcohol but there's also plenty of ways to make mocktails without alcohol content. Try Craftmix to start with an instant mixer that combines perfectly with the sparkling water you probably already have in your fridge.
How to make Spicy Margaritas?
You make Spicy Margaritas with the usual recipe and additional ingredients like pressed/mixed jalapenos, or a rim of tajin spice.
How do you make a Margarita with mix?
Ask ChatGPT or YouTube how to make Margarita mix at home.
What are the best tequilas for Margaritas?
Casamigos Blanco, Don Julio Blanco, Herradura Silver or Espolòn Blanco are all great choice. Read the complete blog post with the 7 best tequilas for a margarita here.
What are the best Margarita mixers?
This might be a bias answer but with 0-5 grams of sugar per serving, all-natural ingredients, and an extremely long shelf-life compared to bulky bottles, we'd recommend Craftmix all-day everyday! Choose between Classic, Skinny, and Mango Margarita flavors, mix them with ease, and add jalapenos or tajin is you like it spicy.
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