Strawberry Mule

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Strawberry Mule
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We thought you'd never ask! We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients for the best customers (you!) Our products are crafted with real fruit juice powders! In addition to what's listed below, our products are also low sugar, dairy free, fat free, soy free, and cholesterol free, so that you can enjoy conscious free!

All NaturalLow CalorieNon-GMOGluten FreeVegan
Ingredients: Fructose, Citric Acid, Lime Juice Powder (Maltodextrin, Lime Juice Concentrate), Ginger Oil Powder, Vegetable Juice (For Color), Natural Flavor, Stevia Leaf Extract, Sodium Citrate, Beta Carotene (For Color)


Can I make a non-alcoholic Strawberry Mule?
Yes, you can make a non-alcoholic Strawberry Mule by simply omitting the rum and adjusting the recipe accordingly. Or, simply put Craftmix's powdered cocktail mix in some sparkling water and blend!
What are the ingredients in a Strawberry Mule cocktail?
The ingredients in a Strawberry Mule cocktail typically include:

• 2 oz vodka or gin (depending on your preference)
• 1 oz fresh lime juice
• 1 oz strawberry puree or strawberry syrup
• 4-6 oz ginger beer or ginger ale
• Ice cubes
• Fresh strawberries and mint leaves for garnish

The ingredients when using Craftmix are:

• 2 oz vodka
• 1 powdered mix
• 2 oz sparkling water
• Ice
How do you make a Strawberry Mule cocktail at home?
To make a simple Strawberry Mule Cocktail at home, simply pour all the ingredients into a tall glass and stir, or use Craftmix's Strawberry Mule mix and add the vodka and sparkling water.
What type of vodka is best for making a Strawberry Mule cocktail?
The type of vodka you choose for making a Strawberry Mule cocktail is largely a matter of personal preference. However, since the cocktail has a fruity flavor, a plain or unflavored vodka would work well. A high-quality vodka is generally recommended to ensure a smooth and clean taste.
How many calories are in a Strawberry Mule cocktail?
The number of calories in a Strawberry Mule cocktail can vary depending on the specific ingredients and the recipe used. However, a standard recipe for a Strawberry Mule made with 2 oz vodka, 1 oz lime juice, 1 oz strawberry puree, and 4 oz ginger beer would have approximately 200-220 calories.

When using Craftmix's low-calorie mix, that number will be significantly lower with just the two shots of vodka and 25-calorie powder.
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