Our Cocktail Tale

Making your own cocktails from scratch can be a real struggle! And we realized that the cocktail mixers on the market were all extremely unhealthy, inconveniently sized, and tasted terrible!

I mean seriously, who likes that syrupy neon sludge? And that’s why we created Craftmix! Finally, a cocktail mix that’s health-conscious, conveniently sized, and most of all, tastes delicious!

After Many Hours of Drinking…

Craftmix was started when JT, an avid entrepreneur and former bartender, realized there was a void in the pre-packaged cocktail market. After founding various startups, JT received an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea of Craftmix, and he knew this was the one!

JT, alongside many brave roommates, friends, and team members, spent over 6 months testing (getting drunk) different flavor combinations and formulas to create the delicious flavors you know today!