NYE Bash Essentials: Cocktail Mixes to Try

Get ready to usher in the New Year with a blast of sensational sips! Say goodbye to the hassle of mixing and hello to effortless glamour with our ultimate guide to dazzling cocktail creations. Elevate your soirées with these easy yet elegant drink recipes that promise to leave your guests in awe.

From palate-pleasing mixes to stunning presentations, discover how to craft cocktails that not only taste exquisite but also add a touch of sparkle to your celebrations. Get set to toast, taste, and shimmer as you ring in the festivities in style!

Why Homemade Cocktails Impress

Elevate your hosting game by mastering the art of crafting cocktails at home. Show off your creativity and impress your friends with drinks that are both visually stunning and incredibly delicious. It’s the ultimate way to make your parties stand out.

Craftmix Cocktails to Try

Espresso Martini 

Our Espresso Martini combines the richness of coffee with the kick of vodka. A sophisticated pick-me-up for your party.

  • Ingredients: Craftmix Espresso Martini, 1 shot of vodka, 2 shots of still water, ice.
  • Instructions: Mix the powder with vodka, sparkling water, and ice. Shake or stir and enjoy!
  • Why it's a Hit: Indulge in the rich blend of coffee and vodka, a sophisticated and energizing delight.
  • Craftmix Twist: Elevate it by rimming the glass with cocoa powder for extra flair.

Espresso Martini

Classic Margarita

Our Classic Margarita brings the zing of tangy lime and the warmth of tequila. A timeless, crowd-pleasing favorite.

  • Ingredients: Craftmix Classic Margarita powder, 1 shot of tequila, 2 shots of still or sparkling water, ice.
  • Instructions: Combine the powder with tequila, still water, and ice. Shake well and savor!
  • Why it's a Classic: Tangy lime and tequila unite, offering a timeless and crowd-pleasing favorite.

classic margarita

Blood Orange Mai Tai

Our Blood Orange Mai Tai offers an exotic escape with the fusion of blood orange and rum. A tropical paradise in a glass.

  • Ingredients: Craftmix Blood Orange Mai Tai powder, 1 shot of rum, 2 shots of sparkling water, ice.
  • Instructions: Mix the powder with rum, sparkling water, and ice. Stir and enjoy the tropical paradise.
  • Why it's Irresistible: Embrace the exotic blend of blood orange and rum, a vacation in a glass.
  • Craftmix Twist: Float a cherry and an orange slice for a vibrant garnish.

blood orange mai tai

Easy Preparation with Craftmix

Crafting these cocktails is a breeze. Just mix the Craftmix powder with 1 shot of alcohol, and 2 shots of sparkling or still water, and add ice. Voilà! Effortlessly impress your guests with drinks that look like they came straight from a professional bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the easiest cocktails to make at home?

There are many cocktails that are easy to make at home, even if you don't have a lot of experience making drinks. It's even easier when you use Craftmix's powdered mixes. Our cocktail mix flavors include Blood Orange Mai Tai, Mango Margaritas, Mint Mojitos, Strawberry Mules, and Passionfruit Palomas. Just mix the alcohol with the powder and sparkling water, and you're done.

What makes Craftmix the best powdered drink mix?

One thing that sets Craftmix apart from other powdered drink mixes is our focus on using real fruit in our mixes. The powdered mixers are easy to store and can be quickly mixed with alcohol and water to create a delicious cocktail. They're also made with premium ingredients and are gluten-free.

Does Craftmix have any new mixes coming?

Yes, we do! We plan to launch new flavors and products every few months so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. 

Closing Toast

Elevate your NYE celebration with these show-stopping Craftmix cocktails! From the elegant Espresso Martini to the classic yet timeless Margarita and the vibrant Blood Orange Mai Tai, prepare for a flavor extravaganza. Impress your guests with these easy-to-make, flavor-packed drinks, taking your party to epic heights.

Be the ultimate host, creating memories that'll sparkle well into the New Year. Ready to craft the extraordinary? Let's mix up some magic!

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