Exploring Global Flavors: International Cocktails Made Simple with Craftmix

Are you tired of the same old mixed drinks and craving something a little more...exotic? Well, pack your bags because we're about to take your tastebuds on a round-the-world trip with some insanely delicious international cocktails

This guide has all the deets on whipping up trendy, foreign-inspired cocktails with an easy assist from Craftmix's fresh, all-natural mixers. From zesty Latin American sippers to fizzy Spanish spritzes, you'll discover drink recipes packed with flavors from around the globe. Let's get shaking!

Bring Global Flavors Home with Craftmix's Worldly Cocktail Mixers  

Half the fun of traveling is getting to experience new, mind-blowing flavors you just can't find at home. But who says you need a plane ticket to treat your tastebuds? Craftmix is making it stupid simple to craft cocktails bursting with global tastes and ingredients.

Our carefully sourced, all-natural fruit mixes let you explore exotic cocktail flavors from the comfort of your kitchen. Just add your favorite spirit and maybe a few garnishes, then sip and mentally transport yourself to far-off destinations. Wanderlust has never been quenched so refreshingly!   

4 Must-Try International Cocktails from Craftmix

1. Espresso Martini (England)

While many pretenders claim they invented it, the rich, velvety Espresso Martini can be traced back to a Dick named Bradsell - an iconic British bartender from the 80s. The story goes,a customer rolled up asking for a drink that would wake him up AND get him lit. Leave it to a legend like Bradsell to deliver with the caffeinated masterpiece Espresso Martini!

With Craftmix, you can easily recreate that same energizing, decadent vibe at home. Just shake our smoooooth Espresso Martini mix with some vodka and water. Bam - you've got an espresso martini packing a 30mg caffeine punch! Perfect for an indulgent nightcap or much-needed pick-me-up.



espresso martini


Or hey, ditch the booze altogether for an anytime mocktail. Our coffee mix is a shortcut to deliciously energizing refreshments like alcohol-free espresso "martinis" and iced coffee drinks. 

2. Classic Margarita (Mexico)

When life hands you limes, you better be making a big ol' pitcher of authentic Mexican margaritas! Let our mouth-wateringly zesty lime mixer transport you straight to the sunny beaches and local cantinas of Mexico.

classic margarita

This baby captures all those fresh, vibrant citrus notes and unmistakable south-of-the-border zing that'll have you doing the salsa after just one sip. Simply blend our mixer with some quality tequila and a splash of triple sec, then prepare to get whisked away to Margaritaville.

Whether you like it frozen or on the rocks, with a salt rim or straight up, Craftmix makes it stupid easy to craft that quintessential, lime-forward marg flavor you'd expect from a seasoned Mexican bartender. 

3. Mint Mojito (Cuba)

When the summer heat has you sweating like a beach tourist in Havana, it's time to channel your inner Cuban and cool off with a crisp, minty mojito.

Craftmix makes it way too easy to capture that iconic Caribbean refreshment. Just muddle up our crisp, vibrantly fresh mint mixer with some white rum, lime juice and a splash of soda water. 


mint mojito


One sip and you'll instantly be transported to an oceanside cabana, gentle breeze blowing through the palm trees as you sip away without a care in the world. This mojito is so minty, so effervescently light, it's like taking a tropical island vacay without ever leaving your backyard. 

4. Blood Orange Mai Tai (Tahiti...or California?)

Who needs an expensive tropical vacay when you can sail straight to a Tahitian oasis with this fruity, rum-soaked mai tai? Well, maybe it's not 100% Tahitian...

The mai tai's origins are kinda murky, but the guy who claims to have invented it in 1944 was running a Cali joint called Trader Vic's. Victor J. Bergeron said he whipped up the iconic combo of rum, lime, orange liqueur and those signature almond/tropical flavors right there in Oakland. So we can't say for sure where it's from, but it's definitely still amazing!


blood orange mai tai


With Craftmix's sunny blood orange mixer, you get to capture that trademark sweet 'n' tart mai tai vibe no matter where you're sipping from. Just blend it up with a generous pour of rum, a squeeze of fresh lime, and a splash of orange liqueur or almond syrup if you're feeling fancy.

Affordable Global Flavor, Lightening-Fast Prep with Craftmix 

Traveling the world through cocktails sounds incredible, but also kinda pricey and time-consuming, right? Not with Craftmix's affordable, wildly convenient mixers in your home bar!

Our international cocktails clock in at just $1.25 per serving with our all-natural drink mixes. Talk about a steal for such intense, globally-inspired flavors! And the best part? You can have these drinks whipped up in mere seconds once you have the mixes on hand. 

Now that's how you experience the world's top cocktails with zero fuss and on an everyday budget! Plus, each drink has just 25 cals and 5g of sugar so you can indulge in full flavor without any guilt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a non-alcoholic Mai Tai?

Yes, you can! Just add a package of Craftmix's Blood Orange powder to some sparkling or filtered water, add some ice, and mix.

How do you make an Espresso Martini frothy?

To make an Espresso Martini frothy, you must shake the ingredients vigorously in a cocktail shaker with ice. This will help to create a frothy texture and incorporate air into the mixture. It's important to use a cocktail shaker instead of a blender or other mixing method, as the shaking motion is what creates the frothiness. Additionally, make sure to use chilled espresso or coffee and plenty of ice in the shaker to ensure the mixture is cold and frothy.

Are Margaritas gluten free?

Yes, Craftmix Margaritas are always gluten free.

Closing Toast

Who needs a bougie resort trip to experience exotic, full-flavored cocktails from around the world? With Craftmix's globally-inspired mixers, you can transport your tastebuds to any international destination with stupid-simple prep.

Our flavor-packed pouches instantly elevate classic recipes into zippy, unique sippers celebrating ingredients and taste traditions across the globe. Affordable, easy, and all-natural...what's not to love? 

Head to craftmix.com now and use our fresh mixers to start your very own cocktail expedition. Your international drinks adventure awaits!

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