Cocktail Trends in 2024: What’s New and Exciting

Do you want to stay ahead of the cocktail curve in 2024? We've got you covered, girl! Trying to keep up with all the latest drink trends can feel like a full-time job. But don't sweat it - the Craftmix team is here to make cocktailing a total breeze this year.

In this guide, we'll spill the tea on the hottest cocktail trends in 2024, so you can sip ahead of the curve. Plus, we'll show you how our awesome products make whipping up these Instagram-worthy sips easier than ordering a drink at the bar. Get ready to be the toast of your squad with minimal effort!

Whether you're hosting a boozy brunch or looking to treat yourself after a long work week, these trendy cocktails (and Craftmix's brilliant hacks) will turn you into a mixology master. Your friends will be in awe of your skills behind the home bar. Let's get shaking!

The Joy of Making Cocktails

Making cocktails is a fun activity for summer gatherings. It brings friends and family together. With Craftmix, you get healthier options that taste just as delicious. Enjoy creating and sharing these trendy drinks!

Top Cocktail Trends in 2024

Minimalist Cocktails

The minimalist vibe celebrates quality over quantity. Each component has to earn its place by bringing something delicious to the party. No more overloading your drinks with a million extras! This trend is a refreshing break from overthinking it. Just a few perfect pops of flavor, allowing the real stars to shine.

That's where Craftmix comes in clutch. Our mixes cut out all the unnecessary filler, delivering a knockout fruity punch using actual fruit - the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. When your cocktails are this fresh and flavorful, you don't need a bunch of extra junk muddying things up. Simple sips for the win!

mint mojito

Unconventional Ingredients

Alright cocktail trendsetters, get ready for 2024's wildest cocktail craze - going rogue with unexpected ingredients! We're talking coconut oil, sesame oil, and who knows what else bartenders will dare to shake up next.

The buzzword is "fat-washing" and it's about to blow your mind. Basically, you infuse spirits with different fats and oils to add an insane level of velvety richness and bold new flavor dimensions. This mad scientist technique has been building major buzz for a while now, and 2024 is the year it's going mainstream.

That's where Craftmix comes in to play, making this wild trend surprisingly easy to rock at home. Why not add a touch of lush coconut oil to our mango marg mix for a tropical vacay vibe? With Craftmix, you've got the perfect blank canvas for getting creative and daring to drink outside the box.

Budget-Friendly Options

Prices got you stressing over splurging on fancy cocktails? Girl, we feel you! Between inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, keeping that mixology hobby going can put a serious dent in your wallet.

But don't throw in the towel on your craft cocktail dreams just yet! Bars are getting savvy by rolling out money-saving moves to keep customers coming back for more. We're talking sneak peek nights to test new drinks before launch, plus unbeatable happy hour specials that'll have you raising a glass all week long.

mint mojito


And when it comes to at-home cocktailing on a budget, Craftmix has your back. Our mixes make trendy sips totally affordable by using real, high-quality fruit - no artificial junk. You can whip up insta-worthy margaritas, espresso martinis, mojitos and more for, like, 10 times less than what you'd pay out. Talk about a sweet deal! Cheers to drinking well without going broke.

Spicy Drinks

Alright cocktail cravers, let's talk about the flavor trend that's setting taste buds on fire in 2024 - savory AND spicy sips! Yeah, you heard that right. This year's "it" drinks are ditching the sugar rush for flavors that'll wake up every part of your palate.

We're talking bold, complex, crazy-delicious cocktails like zesty Bloody Marys, dirty martinis with all the salty olive brine, and margaritas spiked with a fiery jalapeño punch. Or maybe a refreshing ginger basil smash with a low-key throat tingle is more your vibe? However you like to spice things up, this trend is all about getting adventurous.

spicy margarita

And you know Craftmix has got your back for DIY adventures into savory-spicy cocktail territory. Our skinny marg mix is the perfect feisty base for adding a jalapeño kick. Or get creative blending our mixers with hot sauces, fresh herbs, citrus - whatever savory, tongue-tingling ingredients get you excited! With Craftmix, the options for crafting crazy-unique new flavors are endless.

Fancy Ice Cubes

One of 2024's hottest drink trends is taking ice game to a whole new level. We're talking next-level cube creativity that'll completely reimagine how you chill (and glam up) your signature sips.

Gone are the days of settling for those boring, tiny ice squares. This year is all about making a frozen statement with giant, crystal-clear cubes, fun shapes like diamonds or spheres, or maybe even crafting your own herb- or fruit-infused icy masterpieces. Yeah, ice is officially the new garnish for eye-catching cocktail artistry!

So grab some funky molds and get experimenting with infusing your cubes with fresh flavors. We're talking lavender, coffee, cucumber mint - the possibilities are endless for adding layers of aroma and taste. Imagine a gorgeous mango marg from Craftmix topped with a mammoth ice cube bursting with muddled mint. Or a classic lime sipper crowned with an elegant lemon-thyme frozen sphere. Insta-worthy sipping has never looked (or tasted) so cool!

Low-and No-Alcohol Cocktails

Bartenders are finally treating non-alcoholic options with the creativity and care they deserve.

Gone are the days of sad, uninspired "virgin" drinks as an afterthought. This year's mocktail game is strong with incredible flavors, gorgeous presentations, and truly satisfying refreshments for those looking to sip sans booze. Mixologists are pouring their hearts into amazing zero-proof creations that'll have you doing a double-take.

Whether you're a teetotaler or just taking a break from booze, Craftmix makes it stupid easy to experience the joys of elevated, craft mocktailing. Cheers to inclusively quenching everyone's thirst for amazing drinks!

Why Choose Craftmix?

We've got a PSA for you - there's finally an affordable and healthy way to sip on trendy mixed drinks and stay ahead of cocktail trends in 2024 from the comfort of your own home. Introducing Craftmix, your secret weapon for craft cocktailing made stupid simple!

At just $1.25 per serving, Craftmix is a total steal compared to those pricey bar tabs. But "cheap" is the last word you'll use after tasting these fresh, all-natural fruit flavors. Each mix is carefully crafted to deliver big, bold taste without any of the fake junk.

And listen to this - we're talking a mere 25 calories and 5 grams of sugar per serving! Craft cocktails you can actually feel good about indulging in? For real! Craftmix is basically a health nut mixologist's dream come true.

With Craftmix, popular sips like margaritas, mojitos, you name it...they're all just a few super simple steps away. No complicated recipes, zero bartender skills required. You'll be whipping up Instagram-worthy cocktails quicker than you can say "Shaken, not stirred!"

So why overpay for sugar bombs when you could be Craftmix-ing it up at home? Your wallet, taste buds, and summer bod will all be thanking you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a cocktail and mocktail?

Cocktails are alcoholic beverages mixed with juice, soda, bitters, and spirits. Mocktails are made with the same ingredients but without alcohol. Mocktails are typically consumed by those who want to enjoy a flavorful and refreshing drink without the negative effects of alcohol.

Are Craftmix products gluten-free or suitable for other dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! It's our goal to be inclusive of as many diets as possible! We're gluten free, soy free, dairy free, fat free, and more!

Can I make non-alcoholic, virgin beverages with Craftmix's drink mix?

Yes! All you have to do is mix the powdered mix with water, either sparkling or filtered, and add some ice. Leave the alcohol and headaches at home.

Closing Toast

Craftmix is making it insanely easy to hop on all the latest cocktail trends with low-cal, low-sugar mixers that'll blow your skinny-sipping mind. We're talking bright, bold, natural fruit flavors with a fraction of the calories from those cloyingly sweet drink mixes.

Just grab your favorite Craftmix packets and you're a few stirs away from deliciously guilt-free cocktail bliss. Mix up a skinny marg, craft a light and breezy spritz, even whip up alcohol-free mocktails that'll fool your tastebuds. The options are endless for crafting trendy thirst-quenchers with a healthy twist.

Enjoy crafting your trendy cocktails with these easy, refreshing recipes. Cheers!

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