Whiskey Sour with a twist

If you’ve thought this winter weather is crazier (and colder) than usual, trust us, the rest of America’s Cocktail Lovers are right there with you. And what better way than to avoid the pains of traversing the winter cold than staying indoors and crafting a quick and delicious cocktail. So, we decided to whip up a quick recipe for the best cocktail on a stormy day – the Whiskey Sour…with a twist!

First, you’re going to want to wipe everything off your
kitchen counter and replace it with:

  1. Your favorite whiskey or bourbon. Like we always say: the darker
    the drink, the less you have to think (You can use that if you want).
  2. Break out some lemon juice
  3. Introduce one lemon itself into the mix
  4. Simple syrup

    Extra, if you like it like that) One egg white

    Step 1: Go ahead and pour yourself 2oz of whiskey or bourbon

    Step 2: Measure out and pour 3/4oz of lemon juice

    Step 3: Measure out and pour 3/4oz of Simple Syrup

    Step 4: Slice that lemon for some glass garnish

    Additional: Mix in one egg white

    But you should know us better than that by now. We would never have you do all that work, that’s for the wine drinkers.

    We make it easy.

    And so this recipe is easy. If it takes you more than 25 seconds to craft this one after you’ve finished reading, then the wind-chill may have gotten to your fingers. Here we go:

    Step 1: Pour 2 shots of water (3oz)

    Step 2: Pour 1-2 shots of whiskey or bourbon (1.5-3oz)

    Step 3: Mix in a ready-to-go Whiskey Sour Craftmix packet

    Step 4 (Optional): Garnish glass with lemon or orange slice and cherry

    Whalaaa! One Whiskey Sour on the rocks and ready to roll.

    Stay-in from all that rain and storm, and join the rest of us, bundled up next to a fireplace (or a heater from Target), sipping on a refreshing and classic Whiskey Sour.

    So get craftin’!

    Whiskey Sour


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