Three Juices to Sweeten Up Your Mojito!

There are certain pictures that you can just tasteand this is surely one of them! We all know that heavenly flavor of a Craftmix Mojitothe refreshing lime, a hint of your favorite rum, all complimented by a cool minty sensation! My mouth is watering just from thinking about it! We know that everyone loves our signature Mojito, but what if we told you that you can make it even better?

Pineapple? More Like Fine-apple!

Hopefully you're a big fan of fruit puns! We take pride in creating not just the most delicious cocktails in the universe, but also the easiest. Y'all already know the deal: one shot of rum, two shots of water (or sparkling water for some beautiful bubbles), mix in our Mojito packet and voila! A five-star Mojito in seconds. Ready to shake things up a bit? How about a pineapple Mojito! Simply purchase any pineapple juice from the grocery store, and replace the two shots of water with two shots of pineapple juice for a Fine-Apple Mojito! This sweet and citrus-packed drink is perfect for a backyard BBQ.

One In a Melon!

Alright, to put it simply: THIS IS A MUST TRY. Watermelon Mojitos should be everyone's go-to summer refreshmentas long as it's made with a Craftmix Mojito packet :) Think about it, it's already tradition to put lime juice on sliced watermelon... so this is one of those things that just makes sense! Just replace your two shots of water with two shots of watermelon juice, and then go lay down by the pool and sip your heart out. You deserve it.

The Berry Best!


Okay, Okay. Don't worry, that's our last fruit pun of the blog. Strawberry-lime is a flavor combo that's always been popular. Ice pops, candy, and now with cocktails as well! The sweetness of strawberry is born to marry the sourness of lime. It's like the old saying goes: opposites attract. Now, how do you make a strawberry Mojito? Well, I'm sure you could take a guess after reading how to make a pineapple Mojito and a watermelon Mojito :) All you have to do is use two shots of strawberry juice in place of the two shots of waterand enjoy! 


Now What?

Well, what are you waiting for?! Get your own Craftmix here so you can whip up as many of these fruity mojitos as your heart desires. 

Don't forget to tag us in your Craftmix photos via Instagram @craftmixcocktails for a chance to have us to re-post your tasty drinks!



-The Craftmix Team

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