Tips to Maximize Your At-Home Bar Experience!

What a crazy world we live in. One day we are all going out, having fun with our friends, then boom. Life throws you a curveball. With Coronavirus overtaking the world it seems, the at-home bar experience has become increasingly popular.

But what are the reasons people enjoy at-home bars so much? Let's dive right in and find out!


Pro #1

You Can Snuggle Up In the Comfort of Your Own Home!

One of the biggest obstacles is that nearly all bars are closed right now. How should I enjoy a night in? Nothing is more relaxing than these three things: Put on those pink panda pajamas - the juicy sweatpants are fine too - and chill! No fancy party clothes needed. Secondly, you can turn on and watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, or any other platform you watch your favorite movies and shows on. Lastly, grab that cocktail you made, a blanket, and get comfy! You will not be disappointed!


Pro #2

It Saves You Money Compared to Public Bars!

Talk about expensive! Who wants to pay $10-$20 for a single, watered-down, not-even-that-good drink!? No one. This is one of the best reasons to start making drinks at home. Especially if you are on a budget. Plus, you have to WAIT in line for your drink too! What a pain. Look up some recipes online and head over to the store and buy some ingredients.

But wait...ingredients could cost a lot of money too. Or...the store might not even have them!

What in the world will you do now?

We're glad you asked! Craftmix is an inexpensive alternative to making your homemade, even bar-quality cocktails for much less. Plus, they taste great!

Now that, my friends, is a steal.


Pro #3

You Can Become Your Own Bartender!

Come on...bartending is fun. You feel like a professional mixologist when making your own cocktails. So why not become your own personal bartender! It can be such a beneficial skill to learn when you want to entertain guests, or just to have that bartender quality drink you've always wished for!

Don't want to learn how to bartend? Ingredients not available at your local store? No problem!

Craftmix, once again, has a solution for you. With Craftmix's super easy and convenient packets, all you need is water, booze, and a Craftmix packet. Mix it all together, and boom. Bar-quality cocktail in just seconds. How hard is that?

Give it a try!


Con #1

The Big Mess and Clean-Up!

With all good things...there is a small price. When mixing certain drinks, it can create a big mess! Knowing this beforehand and staying clean as you go will help minimize the amount of post cocktail clean-up. 

But what if you don't want to waste those precious paper towels?

Ding! Ding! Ding! You guessed it again, because here at Craftmix, we pride our "bartender-in-a-packet" in being super easy and tidy to use! A spoon or stirrer is typically the only item needed to create your Craftmix Cocktail!

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself :)


Pro #4

The Sky is Your Limit!

There are so many different types of cocktails and combinations of flavors. So we urge you to BE CREATIVE! The sky truly is your limit. Make it fun! Get a little crazy! Who knows, you might end up with a cocktail named after you! Whatever you choose, make sure to have fun and drink responsibly.

Now that you've seen this list of reasons you can make your at-home bar experience amazing, we want to know what crazy and great tasting cocktails you made! Make sure to tag us @craftmixcocktails and tell us how your experience went!


Have Fun & Wash Your Hands Before You Bartend!!



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