How to Take Insta-Worthy Photos of Your Craftmix Cocktail

Okay so... you've probably worked really hard to set up your cocktail and make it look picture-perfect, but why ruin how good it looks with a bad photo? No worries, we are here to help!

First things first, let's find an amazing place to show it off

Step 1: Location and lighting

If you're outdoors, our recommendation is to stay there! Show off your incredible lifestyle and location to all your [now] jealous friends. Tanning at the beach, camping in the forest, or even poolside in your backyard with your Craftmix drink... Now THAT'S a moment! When positioning it outdoors, put it on a nice clean surface with light beaming down from behind it to illuminate the liquid and any garnishes. If you're indoors, put your cocktail in front of a large window that has a lot of light coming in behind it. The kitchen always makes a great spot!

Step 2: Props

Some of our favorite accessories include stirrers, spoons, strainers, and more. Don't forget to include your alcohol bottle, and most importantly a Craftmix packet for full display. Give everyone a view of the high-class drink you're enjoying, and make sure to set the props behind and around your drink, leaving your masterpiece in center stage.

Step 3: The shot

Now that everything is in place, it's time to take the shot! Place your camera slightly above the drink so you can see rim of the glass. Then make sure the focus of your camera is right on the drink so all of the props are slightly out of focus. Lastly try some different angles⏤take one from a birds eye view, one from looking upward, and be creative with it!!


After taking the perfect cocktail picture make sure to tag us @Craftmixcocktails on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page or in our next blog!

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