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Summer is approaching, and no matter how fast the heat starts to rise, there is always someone on a treadmill running faster.

We get it. It’s #SummerBod Season. Which means it’s now or never to get that bikini body ready for the beach. But no matter how hard we try in the gym, none of it matters if we don’t eat right in the home. And we all know where this is headed—DIETING. But nothing says “ironic” like a full day at the gym followed up by a full night of alcohol consumption.

Don’t fret. We have a solution for you. A 20 calorie solution to be exact!

Let’s put this into perspective:

Your average Mojito = 168 calories
That kickback Gin & Tonic = 148 calories
Just your regular Old Fashioned = 154 calories
Craftmix = 20 calories


And no, we’re not pulling your leg. A single packet of Craftmix only contains 20 calories. Period. End of statement.

How do we do it? Easy. Magic.

Well, magic plus a carefully selected mix of healthy ingredients and natural flavors.

Why do we do it? Because we’re just like you! We’re fighting hard for that summer body, but we don't want to sacrifice our nights out just to do so. That would be too boring! So we simply stash a packet or five into our pockets, because, hey, 20 times 5 is still less than one drink of the other options.

It’s time to own the summer. Don’t let the summer own you. So get craftin’ and, while you’re at it, you might as well post that #SummerBod x #Craftmix collab too 😉

If you’re still not sold, peep us @craftmixcocktails on Instagram and see for yourself.

Cheers & bottoms up!!


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