7 Steps to a Perfect Hangover Recovery

Spring is officially here and you know what that means...

The sun is out.

It’s warming up.

The flowers and trees are in bloom.

It’s officially outdoor cocktail drinking season!

Sadly, for most of us, the excitement of drinking is promptly followed by the grips of the following morningor even afternoonhangover. But don't worry, we’ve got a healthy recovery solution just for you.

Here is the Craftmix Certifiedand trust us, highly utilizedHangover Recovery Guide. And because we keep it natural with our mixes, we keep it natural with the recovery.

FIRST, consider keeping the intake on a slow drip for just a little bit. A hangover is essentially alcohol withdrawal, so, as ironic as it may sound, a drink or two spaced out will decrease the severity of the withdrawal. So, step one, consider ripping open a couple of new packets to couple with a shot or two or your favorite liquor to make the process easier.

SECOND, DRINK NON-ALCOHOLIC FLUIDS. As many drinks as comfortably possible, preferably water. You can also add some electrolytes to your water to make it more effective. If you’re throwing up, you’re dehydrated. If you’re achy, you’re likely dehydrated. Try not to down too many bottles of water at a time. Instead try to take consistent sips to ensure you don’t get nauseated.

THIRD, cook yourself a fine carb-heavy breakfast or just Postmates one, it’s 2019 and you can afford to stay in bed. This will help to get your blood-sugar levels back to normal, giving your brain some energy to function properly. That head pain you’re feeling right nowor anticipating feelingcould be from your head working too hard off of a deficiency of the proper fuel. Your car can’t drive without gas. And come on, who doesn’t like pancakes? Or waffles. We’re accepting of all variations of breakfast-lovers.

FOURTH, if necessary, take a pain reliever. Grab an Aspirin, Motrin, or some other safe ibuprofen you may have around. But caution: do not take a Tylenol. Tylenol, and other NSAID’s can further aggravate a stomach bothered by alcohol. This can just make your symptoms worse. (We know this step may or may not be natural, but hey – desperate times call for desperate measures.)

FIFTH, drink some caffeinated tea. You may ask, why not coffee? Well, coffee can end up increasing your dehydration, making your hangover symptoms worse. So let’s avoid that. And although caffeine may not actually have a direct impact on your hangover, it may help pull you out of that glazed-over morning state.

SIXTH, take a nice long nap followed by a shower. Too much alcohol consumption will cut into your precious sleep the night before and can leave you feeling sleepy. A nice nap will really help you get back some of those lost z’s. Follow that up with a refreshing hot or cold shower and you will be feeling like a million bucks (or at least maybe ten bucks).

AND SEVENTH, (this one’s a bit different, but we feel like that fits us) try some ginger. YES, you heard us correctly! GINGER! Some good ol’ ginger can reduce your nausea and even your vomiting. You can also try downing some along with brown sugar and tangerine pith before you even start drinking so you can avoid the hangover altogether. But don’t take it from us, take it from the National Institutes of Health.

So there you have it. The Craftmix Certified, All-Natural Hangover Recovery Guide!

Stay crafty!

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