3 BEST Ways to Kick Off a New Decade

Happy New Year! Hopefully, we all haven't given up on our resolutions yet! If you're one of the few still holding that goal, we applaud you. For the rest of us, there is still hope. With this list of 3 ways to kick off your decade, hopefully at least one of these will stick. You know--the best way to stay committed to something is to ensure it is reasonable. Well, grab your Craftmix and let's dive in, shall we?



Stay Connected With Friends and Family

With the growing use of social media, it is so easy - even for us - to lose contact with many of our friends and family. Especially in our busy lives, it is hard to find the time to see all your friends. A quick phone call, text message, or Face Time works! But our challenge to you, the next time you are sitting there scrolling through social media, make an effort to spend that time with someone! Something as simple as coffee on a Sunday morning or a Saturday brunch is an excellent way to commit yourself to this! Now put down your Mango Margarita, and contact some of your friends and family!


Do Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

Let us guess— you're thinking we want you to skydive. Not exactly! Going out of your comfort zone is anything you don't normally do on a daily basis! Life shouldn't be lived by the "copy and paste" lifestyle. Add some spice, a little bit of fear, and you'll usually find it was not as "scary" as you thought it was going to be. There are many different ways to do this. Here are a few small ideas:

1. Commit 1 hour a day without technology

2. Eat something different--you may enjoy it! (:

3. Change your routine

Whatever you choose, whether it's going to a different grocery store or skydiving in the Bahamas, these moments can bring fun, a little fear, and joy into your life!

Explore more ideas here: https://www.positivityblog.com/out-of-comfort-zone/


Meet Someone New

A new decade right? Why not meet someone new! Is there that person in your office you pass by all the time, and never say anything? How about the neighbor that just moved in but you never say anything? Start with a simple hello! Human interaction is in our genes, and it can give someone that feel-good feeling if someone says hello. More than that, it's a major confidence boost for yourself. Although this may seem daunting, we know you can do it. Don't overthink it...or you may need a Mojito after work. If there's one thing to remember, it is to be yourself!


So what are you waiting for?! Go tackle these challenges!

One helpful tip we have learned to maintain our goals is by writing it down on pen and paper. And remember, start small. This is not a competition! You are bettering yourself and starting the decade on the best note possible!

Also, if you are feeling like rewarding yourself after accomplishing all three of these, make sure to do it right — with Craftmix.

Be sure to tag us @craftmixcocktails and tell us what you decided to do!

Good luck & Happy New Year!!







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